About us


Our Mission and Vision

MERMS was founded in 2000 with a simple goal: Provide practical patient, users, providers solutions that improve all outcomes. We also make it a foundation item to adapt the solutions we provide to evolving technology with ease of adoption.

MERMS was built on the design of user care. We know we are all patient at a time, but that is not the totality of our care experience. So we have designed the intelligent solution to care for your health flow, what you need daily to moment by moment for the best outcome.

As a team of health providers, we understand the reality of connecting with the patient, especially when in the care transition period. Nobody wanted to know about the health situation late when it could be addressed early. This MERMS solution provides continuous health data integration for provider-patient optimization.

We have dedicated our careers to improving healthcare. We listen to our users and are proud to consider us care partners.

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